Many people have experienced life events that have left strong residual thinking about the world and themselves. Whether it was one intensely serious event or multiple situations that led to your beliefs, you might feel since those events you are not in control or feel overwhelmed with the emotions and thoughts. Some people may be able to recall a specific situation that feels like it has taken over. Through our work together and the relationship we build with safety and confidentiality, you ca...


 Anxiety, Coping Skills, Trauma and PTSD While there are many areas I feel comfortable working with, the areas listed above are a few areas that I have experience in and find many of my clients wanting to work on. As an EMDR therapist and with my background in working with anxiety and families, there are several ways our work together can be approached. Each person has their own unique set of circumstances and life experiences they are working with, and through our relationship we will w...


The only way to deal with depression is to take the first step by reaching out to someone for help. Depression can affect many people at different times in their lives. While sometimes depression is brought on by circumstances, it can often be an underlying sense that seems to stay with you no matter life's situations. While some people may try to deal with depression on their own, the main problem with depression is that it can take away the desire to reach out to get help. So isolating you...

Joel Baker, LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of Georgia and work with clients from various backgrounds and circumstances. I work with client problems including traumatic life events, anxiety, relationship difficulties, teen issues, and parenting and enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families in all stages of life.The focus of my recent work has been working with anxiety and traumatic life events. In addition, I assist clients as they deal with the difficulties aro...


There is more to mindfulness than most people think. Often I find clients surprised at the helpful effects and the different thinking about the reasons behind including mindfulness in their routine. Mindfulness research has been growing over the last decade. More and more therapists seem to be turning to use this helpful resource for their clients and I have found it to be a vital part of helping in the the therapy room when working with depression and anxiety. There has also been research d...